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Pastel Pink Press-On Nails

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Pastel Pink Coffin Crystal False Nails

Do you need nails fast and don't have time to get to a nail salon?  Do you need wedding nails? or only need them for an event or the weekend?

The best Australian press on nails is here to help. They might seem like a thing of the past but guess what?  They are not. You won't need to fuss with nail polish or have long salon expensive appointments. 



Easy Application.

The best thing about fake nails is that they're super easy to apply and remove without causing any damage to your nails.

These make them ideal for last-minute preparations for the party and get a custom, polished manicure look. To facilitate easy removal, soak your nails in warm water for ten minutes until the nails lift off easily.



How to put on Press On Nails? 

  1. Gently push back cuticles with a cuticle stick
  2. File nails and gently buff the surface of the nail to remove shine
  3. Cleanse nails with IPA wipe
  4. Match the closest size adhesive tab to each nail, cut out the matching tabs for each finger
  5. Peel off one side of the tab and stick-on nail (one side of the adhesive will still have plastic on to ensure it does not get stuck to the finger)
  6. Peel another side of the tab of the adhesive once attached to the nail, press tip on, and give a firm rub over the nail to ensure the tip is attached

What's Included?


24 Nails Tips - Nail kit - Nail File, Cuticle Pusher - Stick On Nails Adhesives 


FAQ: Are Press on Nails Good? A: Yes!


Press-on nails look like custom nail art done at your favorite nail salon, but are a fraction of the price and can be applied in just a couple of minutes.  These false nails come with dual-layer adhesive that keeps the nail in place. The home salon nails are Glue Free, No Dry Time Needed!


That is it! Party or event ready in under 5 minutes xx

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