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Introduction to Acrylic Nails - Online Course
Introduction to Acrylic Nails - Online CourseIntroduction to Acrylic Nails - Online CourseIntroduction to Acrylic Nails - Online CourseIntroduction to Acrylic Nails - Online CourseIntroduction to Acrylic Nails - Online Course
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Online Nail Course - Intro To Acrylic Nails

Looking for a change in your career? or want to brush up on skills? This is the course for you. Kittens online acrylic nail course will teach you the fundamentals of nails and have you well on your way to becoming an amazing nail artist 

Free Starter Kit 

Once you purchase your online nail course we will send you your nail starter kit. This nail starter kits contains everything you need to start this course. The items you get when you purchase your online nail course are salon quality and are used in Kitten Claws Nail Salon. They are NOT cheap. 

Course Info. 

You will learn the correct way to create and apply acrylic nails. We have removed all the useless old outdated information and have added only the most up-to-date methods and techniques. These techniques will help fast-track you to becoming an amazing and successful nail artist.  

The course is run Via videos and some written units with manuals. You will also be able to access this class afterward so you can go back and relearn everything or let you learn at your own pace.


You will get a certificate upon completion 

Course Layout

  1. Intro To Acrylic and heath and safety 
  2. How to Prep nails 
  3. The art of acrylic 
  4. How to size nails
  5. Correct nail application 
  6. How to create the perfect shape. 
  7. Finishing Hacks and tricks 

 Why Choose Kittens?


Kittens Nail Artists are at the cutting edge of the nail industry and have been featured in multiple international publications Including InStyle, Fox, and NBC.

Kittens artists and teachers are always at the forefront of the newest styles and trends, so you will always be learning what's new and trending and not what was popular in the 90s. 


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Learn Trending Techniques 

Kittens is famous for is cutting edge and extra nail art. We want to pass these techniques on to you. Many online courses are old and outdated, teaching things like pedicures and other useless techniques. We want to create Famous Nail Artists so we teach you ways you can become just that. Kittens nails have been featured globally in magazines and many celebrities go to the salon. 

Get Paid To Be Artistic 

Life as a Nail technician is not only lucrative but its also an amazing creative outlet. Nail Artist often say they get lost in their work and it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

A nail technicians salary depends on a lot of things, quality of work, experience  and what you are charging,  but some nail techs earn well over 6 figures a year.