Eyelash Extension Course

Eyelash Extension Course - Classic Eyelash Extension Course Brisbane


Intro To Eyelash Extensions 

Next Available Lash Course  29th November.  Free Kit Included.

Build your own eyelash extension business with Kitten Claws Classic eyelash extension course. Getting the proper training from the start is the fastest way to learn how to get the best results, as well as the tips and tricks, to succeed. 

Full course 1090 Once you have paid the $500 deposit we will contact you will more details.

Why You Should Become A Lash Artist.

This industry is incredibly rewarding and being your own boss, working your own hours is amazing!

  • Attend high quality, reputable and in-depth training to the highest standards
  • Keep up to date with the newest and best techniques and products
  • Have ongoing trainer support to ask questions when you are feeling a little lost.

Pick the right Training is paramount when you are starting in this incredible Industry.
It is no longer just about attending training and becoming good at lashing.

What You Will Learn

  • Eye Shapes and Styling and how curls/lengths apply
  • How to draw the perfect “Mapping“
  • In-depth Consultation practice
  • The Pi-Formula
  • Lash Tribe “Methodical Application” for speed, precision and balance
  • How to avoid and Check for stickies
  • Post-Cleanse Theory
  • Product recommendations for clients for good aftercare and long-lasting lashes