Cardi B Style Press-On Nails..

Cardi B Style Press-On Nails..


Genuine Swarovski crystal set -can be used multiple times for special occasions with nail tabs for glue.  Inspired by a crystal set that Cardi D wore to the MTV Awards.


These handmade luxury stick-on nails are perfectly shaped and include nail art and crystals.

We Believe they are the best press on nails in Australia.




What's included?

Nails 24 glue on nails. Nail Tools.  Nail file, Cuticle push stick, Glue on  Adhesive Tabs 24

FAQ: Are Press on Nails Any Good? A: Yes!

Press-on nails look like custom nail art done at your favorite nail salon, but are a fraction of the price and can be applied in just a couple of minutes.  These false nails come with dual-layer adhesive that keeps the nail in place. The home salon nails are Glue Free, No Dry Time Needed!