Best Student Acrylic Nail Kit.

Good value & high quality!

Delivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility.

First user friendly. Self-leveling. Let the product work for you!

The Attraction Acrylic System is so easy to work with, it actually works for you! Wait for your Attraction Acrylic bead to self level before you start to press and move it.

Non-yellowing and completely colour stable.

Kit Contains:
Nail Liquid ATTRACTION 60ml.
4 x 7g Powder ATTRACTION (Radiant Pink, Radiant White, Totally Clear, Pink Mask).
ESSENTIAL BOND Acid-Free Primer 15ml.
Air Dry Top Coat 15ml.
Nailpure Plus 60ml - Cleanse, Dehydrate and Protect.
Endurance Files: File 100/100 Grit (Coarse) and Buffer 180/240 Grit (Fine+XFine)
+ Acrylic Nail Brush Sable Hair Round #8.
Instructions and Cautions

HOW TO USE: Instructions and Cautions