Beauty Training Courses

Peta Blair founded kitten Claws Parlour in 2016. Peta is a passionate and hard working boss woman. Her passion for education and beauty brought the salon where it is today. After many years of late nights, dedication, trial and error, and blood, sweat and tears she is so excited to announce Kitten Claws Parlour Training Institute.Our main goal is to educate and inspire aspiring beauty therapists and give them the skills and background knowledge they need to succeed in the beauty industry. We are close-knit family who absolute adore what we do everyday and want others to feel the same passion we do every day. We promise to help you every step of the way, making you feel special and apart of our family. You will also receive a lifetime discount on any Kitten Claws Parlour services once completing your beauty-training course with us. We encourage you to check in with us along your journey as a nail or eyelash technician and offer quarterly catch ups to assist you in any questions or to give you any advice.

Current Brisbane Courses

eyelash extension courses
nail technician courses