Eyelash Cleanser

Eyelash Cleanser - Eyelash Extension Shampoo - Extension Aftercare

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Eyelash Extension Cleanser - Lash Shampoo

Dramatically extend the life of your  lashes with Elixirs Foaming Lash Cleanser

Elixirs groundbreaking  formula removes dirt, oil, makeup & other residue that can cause early shedding of your extensions and also promotes natural lash health (as you know the healthier your client's lashes, the longer their extensions remain full and lush)

It can be used as both a pre-application lash cleansing treatment and also as an aftercare product you can retail to your customers (We’ve noticed customers who use this at home coming back for 2-week infill appointments with almost full sets of lashes!).


What Is Eyelash Cheanser?

A good eyelash shampoo is an essential product for anyone who has eyelash extensions. An eyelash shampoo will freshen your lash extensions to banish all impurities, bacteria, and irritants. it will also help with retentions and keep your lashes looking flawless day in day out.


How To Clean Your Lash Extensions

1. Eyelash Brush 

To properly gently brush away the dirt and debris between your lashes, find a brush that’s soft and flexible. Using a soft brush to clean between your eyelashes will not cause any damage to the lashes. Avoid using brushes with hard bristles to protect your lash extensions or it could snag your lashes out!


To deeply remove all the dirt, oil, and make up in the lashes without damaging the adhesive, use Elixirs eyelash cleanser. Find products that are specifically designed for lash extensions to avoid weakening the adhesive bond and get better retention.