How Can I make my Eyelash extensions Last Longer

Renee Marsterson

Posted on April 16 2021

eyelash extension cleanser

Here are my top tips for making your extensions last as long as possible.

Remove all forms of oil from your beauty routine. That means oil makeup removers, oil serums, oil-based moisturiser, oil-based foundation etc. Oil dissolves the glue that holds your extensions on. So avoiding oil will help the glue stay intact.

Cleanse every day-Natural oils, sweat , exercise all make an impact on the life span of your lashes so you need to cleanse every day .

Try and sleep on your back. I know this one is easier said than done, but it makes a difference. Sleeping with your face in a pillow tugs and rubs your lashes and extensions as you move in your sleep. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a pile of pulled out lashes in your pillow.

Try not to put mascara on them. Wearing mascara on your extensions increases the likelihood that your extensions will be exposed to water and oil, which we’ve established is not a good thing.

Pick the lightest type of extensions. The lighter the extension, the less weight you have tugging on your lashes, encouraging them to fall out.

Opt for shorter extensions or Russian volume hand made. Again, shorter extensions are lighter which means they’ll last longer. Volume lashes wrap around each lash with a special technique so it lasts longer.

Don’t tug at your extensions. Your lashes are delicate and just a small pull can rip out your lashes. Tugging at your extensions can pull your lashes out.

If combing them, don’t pull or apply too much force. This is the same situation. It only takes a little bit of force to tear out a lash. Be very gentle when combing

If you find multiple lashes or extensions glued together at the base, don’t try to separate them. You’re more likely to pull lashes out than separate anything.

If a lash and extension fall out but are glued to a lash that hasn’t fallen out, try and gently trim the piece that has fallen out. This will eliminate the extra weight tugging at your intact lash.

If you find that one extension has turned backwards and is curling the wrong way, trim it. Avoid pulling at all costs.

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