Best Press On's Australia

Best Press-on Nails Australia

Who Makes Australia's Best Press On Nails? 

We know you're probably thinking press-on nails are for little girls who aren't allowed to wear acrylics yet. But that's definitely not the case. Actually, some of the most coveted nails in Hollywood are created using temporary tips.

 is constantly proving how glamorous press-on nails can be. Remember those from the Golden Globes? Press-ons. And have you ever noticed her fun concert nail art? All done on press-ons.

Australia's Best Press-On Nails

“Absolutely amazing, I love love love your press-on nails and can’t wait to share it with my Melbourne ladies. .”

Benefits of Press On Nails

Press-Ons have come a long way since Lee Press-Ons from the '80s—today, faux nails are made with real gel polish and look so realistic, I've even fooled manicurists. I've fielded dozens of compliments from friends and strangers alike and have had countless people ask me, "Where do you get your nails done?" It shocks them every time.

But how do you decide what glue on nails to buy

Look for sets with 24 tips, this will ensure they will fit your hand. salon made or home made nails seem to work best and have the best designs. At Kitten claws we always recommend getting adhesive  tabs over glue, this will keep your nails health and allow your to change sets more often. 

What Our Clients Say About Our Press-On Nails.

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    Benefits Of Press On Nails 

    They Don’t Damage Your Nails-Underneath a press on is a healthy nail.

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    They are easy to put on and take off making them perfect for weddings or weekend events.

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    They don’t chip or lose their shine-no matter what you do, the design and color will last. You can take them off and put back on with no problem of chipping. 

Best Press-on nails

Whats Included 

False Nails Middle length Coffin Ombre Pink Press On Nails.

These handmade luxury stick on nails are perfectly shaped and include nail art and crystals.

We Believe they are the best press on nails in Australia.

What's included?

Nails 24 glue on nails. Nail Tools. Nail file, Cuticle push stick, Glue on Adhesive Tabs 24

How to Apply Press-on Nails 

How to put on Press On Nails?

Gently push back cuticles with a cuticle stick

File nails and gently buff the surface of the nail to remove shine

Cleanse nails with IPA wipe

Match the closest size adhesive tab to each nail, cut out the matching tabs for each finger

Peel off one side of the tab and stick-on nail (one side of the adhesive will still have plastic on to ensure it does not get stuck to the finger)

Peel another side of the tab off the adhesive once attached to the nail, press tip on, and give a firm rub over the nail to ensure the tip is attached

That is it! Party or event ready in under 5 minutes xx

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