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We use EMA Acrylic NOT MMA – that’s the nasty stuff that’s illegal in Australia, but unfortunately is still being imported illegally by many nail salons. We also use the highest quality gel polishes, and have a wide variety for you to choose from. We specialise in Deluxe Gel Manicures to help strengthen your natural nails. All of our nail files and buffers are single use only; we throw them away after your visit never using a disposable item like files on another client. All reusable equipment is sanitised between each client’s appointments. We have a customised nail table that filters out and traps over 99.9% of ALL dust and vapours created in the salon. Book now to see our nail technicians for the best acrylic nails in Brisbane.


We specialise in Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions and Classic Eyelash Extensions. Our talented lash artists only use hand-made fans which we customise for each client, every appointment. Our custom made volume lashes are lighter, fluffier, fuller, thicker and have the ability to give you so many more lashes than you naturally have. Once you go volume you never go back! Book to see our eyelash extension stylists now.


Henna Brows are our top pick. We sculpt your eyebrows to achieve the perfect shape, plus HENNA colours the brow hairs and stains the skin, which creates a full and defined powdered in look. Lasting up to 6 weeks on the hair and 2 weeks on the skin. Henna is a naturally based product, with over 99% of ingredients derived from plants, which is great for those with sensitive skin and/or allergies. Henna also stimulates the hair follicle, promoting hair growth which is perfect for asymmetric, sparse, or fine brows. We also use regular tint if you're after a more subtle look. Book online now for fabulous eyebrow tinting.

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